November 16, 2020

Nasdaq shares most appreciated this year

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Despite the coronavirus crisis, some companies have managed to grow. Want to know which NASDAQ stocks were the most valuable this year? Check it out!

The crisis of the new coronavirus led to a fall in the shares of several companies. Others, however, were valued in this scenario. The need to use some products and services made these brands stand out. It happened with several Nasdaq shares.

Despite the climate of instability, insecurity and fear, some companies managed to maintain the profitability of the business and many investors managed to take something positive out of that moment. In this article, you will see which were the 5 Nasdaq shares that appreciated the most in 2020. Check it out!

Nasdaq shares: see which ones appreciated this year

The Nasdaq remained high from the beginning of January to the end of May, even with the pandemic situation, accumulating 4.10 percent in the period. This happened because 40% of the participating companies are focused on technology, one of the sectors that has grown the most since the crisis caused by the new virus. 

In this period, the companies that went up the most were 

  • Zoom (250%);
  • Amazon (75%); 
  • Facebook (42%); 
  • Google ( Alphabet ) (41%); 
  • Netflix, (28%). 

Zoom had the biggest growth recorded for the company, which until then had not been so popular. The need for a platform that would allow remote meetings, made the focus turn to these resources and their access and downloads began to grow exponentially. 

The market value of each share of the company reached 67.43 billion pounds and the value of the startup’s shares increased from 68 to 239 pounds in just six months. With this, the technology company has surpassed big global names such as AMD, GE, Petrobras and Uber.

The performance of its shares even surpassed Tesla, Ellon Musk’s company, which appreciated by only 130% this year.

Why were Zoom’s actions so appreciated in 2020?

Zoom is a different platform. It allows free access for short transmissions, is easy to use, can be used on mobile phones or on the desktop, plus several interesting features for different audiences. So much so that it has been used by schools, companies and individuals to meet friends.

The market value of the company has already exceeded that of several companies and different sectors, see the main ones:

  • Unilever (£64 billion);
  • GE (?63.3 billion);
  • CME Group (GBP 62.6 billion);
  • Colgate-Palmolive (‘62.4 billion).

Experts say that soon, if it continues to grow, the company could enter the S&P 500 index in the United States, with the 500 largest companies on the New York Stock Exchange. Others, however, argue that Zoom’s stock value could fall dramatically after the pandemic ends, as video calls will no longer be necessary. 

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